Nails with Strawberries!

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When I went to The Beauty and Rejuvenation, The B.A.R. for short, I thought of trying another nail art — Fimo sticks! Fimo sticks are so cute! I don’t own one though. They say it’s hard to cut and not that simple to apply. I can’t exactly remember how much the manicure with nail polish and fimo design costs, I think it was between 150php to 200php. I also forgot the brand of the nail polish. Sorry… The bottle is very similar to China Glaze but the owner said it was a local brand. For the fimo sticks, I selected pink strawberries!

I was surprised that I have a nail polish from Nail Up that is similar to the base used for my fimo nail art. I sort of tried it my way. And since I didn’t have any fimo sticks to use, I used my Face Shop Glitter nail polish which has stars and small vertical strips of glitter on a transparent base.