Milk Tea Anyone?

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I’m never really a tea drinker. For me, some even tastes like grass, literally! Eeew!!! But when a friend of mine brought Wintermelon Milk Tea from Moon Leaf Tea, I knew it was good and people will like it! (Really not a fan of tea drinks but I know many tea lovers will love it!)

So one day, my boyfriend and I went to Moon Leaf Tea at Maginhawa Street, U.P. Village. Tried their Yakult Lychee and it was yummy!!! Lychee + Yakult is a perfect combination! Plus, Moon Leaf Tea makes the best pearls!!!

(L) Wintermelon Milk Tea and (R) Lychee Yakult

Because of Moon Leaf Tea, I started to try out other brands of milk tea. Chatime, Serenitea, and  Tattle Time failed me. Zentea was so-so. Ok, so I haven’t tried everything.

When I discovered Gong Cha I immediately fell in love with their best seller / house special Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea! It tastes sooo good!!! I got so addicted to it!!! It doesn’t tastes much like tea though, maybe because of the special cream that they add.

Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea

Moon Leaf Tea drinks come in one size only. Their drinks range from 45php-85php and add-ons (pearls, nata, pudding) are 10php. Gong Cha is a little more expensive.

Their prices range from 45php-120php and add-ons are 15php – 40php (they have more add-ons to choose from). You have an option to buy either medium or large.

Final Thoughts:

To those who are really into tea, I highly suggest you try Moon Leaf Tea’s Wintermelon Milk Tea. Lover of fruit drinks and want to try something new? Try Moon Leaf Tea’s Lychee Yakult! And for those who just love to have a great drink and doesn’t care much about the tea, Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea will not disappoint you!

Don’t forget to add pearls!

Oh, and if you’re asking what’s this wintermelon I’m mentioning over and over again, it’s called kundol in Tagalog.

So, what’s your favorite milk tea drink?