Lip Ice Sheer Color

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 Everybody should own at least one lip balm. Our lips are delicate so we should take care of it. I always apply lip balm; Before I go to bed, before applying lipstick, and whenever I feel like applying.

 Let me share with you another lip balm from my favorite lip balm brand, LipIce.

LipIce Sheer Color in Strawberry

I love my regular LipIce balm in apple but this one is different, it changes color!

What Lip Ice says:

 With LipIce Sheer Color, you can now protect your lips while making them look beautiful. LipIce Sheer Color is a lip balm that mysteriously turns from white to pink, on application. LipIce Sheer Color  comes with:

  • Natural Beeswax that nourishes and replenishes your lips
  • Natural Olive Oil that softens and keeps your lips moisturization
  • Vitamin A, C and E with deep moisture that keep the lips soft, supple and fresh

LipIce Sheer Color

LipIce Sheer Color appears longer compared to their regular lip balms, but actually this has lesser product. The strawberry variant smells like strawberry candies! For those who does not want scented lip balms, there’s an unscented variant.

In the tube the stick is white but when applied on your lips, in seconds, it changes into a pretty pink color depending on the natural color of your lips.


  • I love how smoothly it glides on my lips.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • The color that it gives off still looks natural.
  • You can choose between candy-smelling lip balms or not.
  • Good lasting power for both the moisture effect and color.


  • The tube is a bit shakey when applying lip balm.

bare lips

with LipIce Sheer Color

Yummy scent + smooth application + very moisturizing + gives a pretty pink color to lips = ADDICTING!

LipIce Sheer Color costs 145php (2 grams). I bought mine at Watson’s.

If you can’t think of what gift to give to your niece, aunt, or girl friend, check out LipIce!


What I Do With Frost Lipsticks

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Do you have a lipstick that is so frosty you always look like the “Metallic Girl” going on a costume party? Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating. 🙂 But I have a few lippies that I can’t wear as much as I want to because of its frost finish. Frost finish lipsticks highlight dry and chappy lips.

I have NYX Round Lipstick in Rose Bud. It’s a pretty and complementing warm pink color with gold frost.

NYX Round Lipstick in Rose Bud

New pose! (Please don't mind the uneven application. 🙂 )

Pretty right? I wouldn’t want this to go wasted so I thought of pairing it up with something. I decided to apply a gloss on top of it and a new lipstick was born!

Revlon Glossylicious in Caramel Cupcake

Revlon Glossylicious

This was the gloss that I used. It’s an old lip gloss from Revlon which I believe is now discontinued. It’s a very sheer peach gloss with tons of pink, silver, and gold microshimmers. Smells like candy too! Yum!

Now, for the final look…


Revlon Glossylicious in Caramel Cupcake on NYX RL in Rose Bud

What do you think??


NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude

NYX Xtreme Lip Creme

NYX Xtreme Lip Creme

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If impulsive buying could kill, I would be dead by now! (double dead even!) I went to Digital Traincase’s store at Eton Building, Ortigas to deliver something. I saw the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream testers (or I thought they were) and checked them out. As I was looking for the shade’s name, then did I realize that they were not SMLC’s! I checked the tube’s name and read “NYX Xtreme Lip Cream”. They look very similar! The Xtreme Lip Cream has a glossy cap with a black rim on top of the tube while the SMLC has a slightly shorter black matte cap and no rim.


(L) NYX Xtreme Lip Cream and (R) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

What NYX says:

Beautify your lips with this velvety rich lip cream that provides extreme pigmentation with a silky and glossy finish. This lip cream is a hybrid of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain with intense pigmentation all in one. Complete your head-turning look with the Xtreme Lip Cream in any of the 11 luscious colors.


Ricinus Communs Seed Oil, Polybutene, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Diisostearyl Malate, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, Synthetic Bees Wax, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHA, Fragrance, MAY CONTAIN: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake (CI 19140), FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake (CI 42090), Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI 77492), Iron Oxide Black (CI 77499), D&C Red No.6 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.7 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.7 Ca Lake (CI 15850), D&C Red No.28 Al Lake (CI 45410)

The doe foot applicator is still here.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream applicator

The shade that I chose was:

NYX Pinky Nude

Candy Land was a little light for my liking and Dolly Girl was a little bright. Pinky Nude was in between, and it’s gorgeous! Don’t be mislead by the name though, it’s very far from nude.

The thing I love the most is the pigmentation. One layer is opaque enough to cover my lips. NYX Xtreme Lip Cream gives off a satiny finish, no gloss needed. It did not dry my lips too.

Staying power is ridiculously great! I applied it at 2:30pm. Ate, drank, but didn’t talk too much that day. When I was about to go to sleep at 11:30pm, there was still around 25% of product on my lips. So it stayed for 9 hours, no kidding! But think about it, if I didn’t have to take it off, it would have stayed even longer!

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream glides smoothly on my lips, although between this and SMLC, the latter is still smoother.

Besides the finish, one of the main difference between Soft Matte Lip Creams and Xtreme Lip Cream is the scent. It smells like peanut butter cookies. If you’re from the Philippines and knows the Peanut Kisses from Cebu, it smells like those. Many reviews online said the that they hated how it smells but for me, it’s no big deal (fyi, I’m not that sensitive to scents).

Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude swatch

Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude swatch

I find it similar to some lipsticks that I have in my stash so I swatched them side by side.

(top L-R) NYX SMLC in San Paulo, NYX Xtreme LC in Pinky Nude, NYX SMLC in Milan. Bottom: NYX Round L/S in Louisiana

(top L-R) NYX SMLC in San Paulo, NYX Xtreme LC in Pinky Nude, NYX SMLC in Milan. Bottom: NYX Round L/S in Louisiana

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude on my lips

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Pinky Nude on my lips

It’s a very close fight between NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams and Xtreme Lip Creams. If you ask me, I prefer the Xtreme Lip Creams just because I’m not an avid fan of matte lipsticks.

How about you? Do you have other colors of NYX Xtreme Lip Creams?

Revlon Lip Butter

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Happy Chinese New Year everybody! 🙂

Somebody gave me these! Thank you “Secret Fairy”!

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Look how similar it is to its older sister, Colorburst Lipstick!

Center: Colorburst Lipstick in Blush

Topview: (L) Berry Smoothie, (R) Peach Parfait, (Center) Colorburst Lipstick in Blush

The packaging is cute! It has A semi-translucent cap that is colored depending on the shade. You can also check out the color through the transparent top.

These are sealed by a sticker but I found out that you can open and close these lip butters without tampering the sticker. Hmmmm…

Berry Smoothie and Peach Parfait

What Revlon says:

“Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated.”

  • Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%.
  • Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth.
  • Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine.
  • Available in 20 luscious shades.

With these fellas, it’s just like you’re using your lip balm plus color.

(L) Berry Smoothie; (R) Peach Parfait

(L) Berry Smoothie; (R) Peach Parfait

(bottom) Berry Smoothie; (top) Peach Parfait

(bottom) Berry Smoothie; (top) Peach Parfait

Colors lasted for 3-4 hours on me. Pigmentation is good, especially the more opaque ones, and they’re not even lipsticks!

These babies glide smoothly on my lips. Not waxy and feels light.  It’s just like you have lip balm on your lips.

These lip butters have a faint scent that wears off quickly.

bare lips

Revlon Lip Butter in 050 Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie

Gives a natural pink color to my lips. It has barely noticeable pink shimmers. This is the color that looked best on my lips from all the lip butters that I have tried.

Revlon Lip Butter in 025 Peach Parfait

Peach Parfait

I love this because of its gold shimmers. It’s not gritty and the shimmers don’t stray. I fell in love when I swatched this but got a little disappointment when I tried it on my lips. It’s very sheer.

Revlon Lip Butters feel very moisturizing and light but I doubt if this can help improve chappy lips. It gives off a shiny finish so no need to top with a gloss. Glides on like butter upon application.

This is great as it works as a lip balm and as a lipstick. This is best for young ladies and teenagers who are just starting their experimentations with makeup or for people with dry lips and wants color.

I’m eyeing Candy Apple, Sweet Tart, Lollipop, and Pink Truffle. What do you think?

Wannabe Color Lips in #3 So Chic Beige

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Another Etude House Love! Etude House’s Wannabe Color Lips in #3 So Chic Beige (478php)! Saw this at SM North EDSA The Block and it was love at first try!

box's top view

What Etude House says:

Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine.

One of the things I love about the Wannabe Collection is the packaging and design! Girls and young ladies will go ga-ga for these! Can I just keep the boxes and put them in my scrapbook?? Hehe!

4 sides of the box

The chic and sassy design doesn’t end on the boxes! Each shade has a different design. The #3 So Chic Beige has an Eiffel Tower design. ❤ ❤ ❤

Wannabe Color Lips in #3 So Chic Beige

It has a faint scent similar to some lipsticks from Etude House (Lipsticks from the Nymph Aura and Miss Tangerine collections are exceptions because they smell so yummy!).

Wannabe Color Lips in #3 So Chic Beige

The Wannabe Color Lips is creamy and smooth upon application compared to other Etude House lipsticks that I’ve tried.

So Chic Beige swatch

I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a nude lipstick because on me, the shade is in between MLBB and nude. The pigmentation is great! The color leans to the neutral/nude side but on my lips but it’s opaque, no need for me to apply a lip concealer underneath.

It dries my lips just a little, so a dab of lip balm shall do the trick. Color stayed for 4 hours. I sipped a glass of water while I have them on, and the color wasn’t washed out completely. This is what I hoped for for the Nymph Aura Lips Shine.

My bare lips.

#3 So Chic Beige on my lips.

To sum things up, let’s go back to the product description…

  1. Smooth textured lipstick… – It is creamy and smooth when applied.
  2. … supplies vivid color… – The color is opaque after a couple of light swipes even though it’s on the neutral/nude side. I didn’t need to use a lip concealer. The color doesn’t wash me out. Staying power is better than other Etude House lipsticks I’ve tried.
  3. … and moist shine. – It doesn’t make my lips look pale and dull. It has a hint of shine which make my lips look healthy.

There are only 2 things that bother me:

  1. The scent. Not like the lipstick scent during the “old days”, but it does not smell yummy either.
  2. It’s a bit drying.

My Wannabe Color Lips in #3 So Chic Beige is a neutral lippy with an attitude! Best for days when you want to go plain Jane but not boring. And, it’s the BEST LIPSTICK FORMULA FROM ETUDE HOUSE!!!

The Wannabe Collection was just out last month. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should now! 🙂

Nymph Aura Coral Lips

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I’m loving my Nymph Aura Shine Lips in Aura Pink and Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in #17 Pink I decided to buy the Coral version. : )

This post would be more of the swatches of Nymph Aura Shine Lips in Aura Coral and Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in #18 Coral and comparisons between the pink version. For a more detailed review about the product, please click here.

Photos! Photos! Photos!

1. Nymph Aura Shine Lips in Aura Coral – It is very close to my lip color so it appears more natural on me compared to the Aura Pink.

This is almost the shade in real life.

Nymph Aura Shine Lips in Aura Coral on my lips.

2. Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in #18 Coral – Sheer coral with gold shimmers which appear very subtle when applied.

Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss in #18 Coral on my lips

And when I use them both…

Nymph Aura Shine Lips + Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss on my lips

Except for the color (duh?!), the pink and coral version of the Nymph Aura Lips is very much the same. I really don’t know which one I love more! I’ll just wear them alternately or depending on my mood. I just wished they lasted a little longer.

The Nymph Aura Shine Lips costs 478php while the Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss is 278php per tube.

For comparisons between the pink and coral lip products of the Nymph Aura line, here are a couple of pictures:

Nymph Aura Shine Lips in (L) Aura Pink and (R) Aura Coral

Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss (L) #17 Pink and (R) #18 Coral

Fresh Cherry Tint

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #2 Pink

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I went to Etude House at SM North EDSA yesterday and did some rushed shopping. One of the things I bought was Etude House’s Cherry Tint in #2 Pink.

I thought of buying a lip tint because I’ve been too much into lipsticks lately and wanted something natural with minimal maintenance. I tried both the red and pink Cherry Tints and I loved the latter.  (It also comes in peach which was not available.) The sales associate also said that the pink one was the most saleable shade between the 2. Each tube contains 9.5 grams of product and is worth 328php.

Etude House’s Fresh Cherry Tint in #2 Pink is in a fat, short tube similar to Benefit’s Posietint. Guess what it smells like — cherry of course!

It comes with a doe foot applicator with bristles that feels like wet cotton on the lips, very soft!

Product description and directions.

The best word for me to describe the consistency of the tint is “ketchup-like”. There’s this slight cool (not minty) sensation that disappears after a  minute or two. At first it feels as if butter was put on my lips. The tint glides like butter on my lips leaving a nice, shiny, smooth finish.  The shine only stays for a few hours though. It also feels a bit drying but not as bad that I needed to apply a lip balm. I find it very similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes. It does not settle on lip lines, I even think that it decreases their appearance!

This tint lasts loooooong and is haaaaard to remove! I had a hard time removing the swatch on my hand. I washed my hand, vigorously brushed it to remove the tint, then took a bath and there was still some stain left.

The tint comes out milky pink from the tube but turns into a just-eaten-a-popsicle color after a few minutes.  You can layer the tint if you want more coverage.

I just love how natural the color is! It’s not glossy like my Nymph Aura Ultra Shine Lips in #17 Pink so it really looks very natural, some people might even think that it’s just your natural lip color!

For reference, here are pictures of my lips with and without the Fresh Cherry Tint:

My bare lips. 🙂

My lips with Fresh Cherry Tint

In summary,


  • The color is so natural.
  • The color is buildable.
  • The applicator is easy to use and has very soft bristles.
  • I like the cooling sensation upon application.
  • Glides like butter on my lips.
  • Gives a smooth appearance and feel to the lips.
  • Doesn’t settle on lip lines and does not accentuate them.
  • Smells like cherry.
  • Comes in a nice, cute container.
  • Lasts very, very long.


  • Feels a bit drying.
  • I find it difficult to remove.

This may not be a perfect product but I’m loving it so much I’ll give it a perfect score!!! ❤

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