Ellana Multipurpose Mineral Powders

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I want to share with you a collection of multipurpose mineral powders from a local brand  in the Philippines that offers mineral make-up. It’s been upfor a number of years now. It’s none other than Ellana!

Honeybunch – pale brownish peach frost

For me this is more matte than frosted.The shade is very close to my skin color you can barely see it.

Inspiration – golden beige frost

I asked for a neutral e/s that’ll brighten up my eyes. This was the one suggested to me. And well, it really does!

Siren – yellow golden brown shimmer

One of my favorite! The perfect blend of yellow, gold and brown.

Brilliance – pure bronze satin

The description says it all. I don’t know any other way to describe it.

Embrace – golden coffee brown high shimmer

This is a nice brown shade. It is really high in shimmer and I love it!

(swiped only twice)

Ashen –  ash gray frost

Definetly ash-grayish! I swiped too much that’s why it appears darker. There’s also a hint of blue shimmers.

Dream – white frost
Well, it’s white and it’s frosted.

Sensational – iridescent white gold (white shifting to gold) highlighter

This is my first ever Ellana MMP! I love two tones too!

Twinkle – bright sunny gold frost

I first got a hold of this when Ms. Shen of Shen’s Addiction gave me a sample way back last year, even before Twinkle was in catalogues. (Thanks Ms. Shen!) This color spells happy and gay!

Felicity – pale gold with green shimmer

Not as bright as Twinkle. The green shimmers compliment the shade well.

Polished – khaki green shimmer

For me it’s more like a green gold-ish shimmer. A very wearable green shade.

Posh – pale pink shimmer

This is the pink version of Dream.

Adore – iridescent pink frost (white shifting to pink) highlighter
Another favorite of moi! Just look and you’ll see why!

Desire – light coral pink frost

This is a nice everyday color that says, “Hey! My eyes are pretty but they’re prettier with e/s on!”

Crush – flower pink frost

Flower pink with pink frost (Yes, I’m getting redundant. I know… 🙂 )

Belle – baby pink frost

For me it’s like a matte baby pink shade with hint of blue/white shimmers.

pale plum frost
Just think about your “MyGel pen in Metallic Violet” that you owned in highschool.

Femme – pale plum frost

Just think about your “MyGel pen in Metallic Violet” that you owned in highschool.

Joyful – lavender with pink shimmer

My topmost favorite! It has everything I ever wanted! It’s:

  • lavender
  • pink
  • shimmery
  • two – toned (because of the pink shimmers)

Here’s what I think about Ellana’s Multipurpose Mineral Powders:


  • very pigmented
  • lasts long (if you apply it wet, or with cream e/s as base, or with an e/s primer)
  • a little goes a long way
  • it’s mineral makeup
  • it’s multipurpose
  • it’s great for my very sensitive skin
  • can be also bought online
  • very affordable (more than your money’s worth!)
  • made locally (love pinoy!)


  • it can get messy since it’s powder
  • unlike pressed eyeshadows, you really need to have a base or primer before using it

Before I forget…

I asked Ms. Coney what their bestselling multipurpose mineral powders are and here’s the list that she gave me:

  1. Ethereal
  2. Raven
  3. Dream
  4. Posh
  5. Honeybunch
  6. Polished

You should come and visit their sales office at Room 402 West City Plaza, 66 West Avenue, Quezon City. It’s just a ride away from SM North EDSA. Their personnel are very kind and accommodating. They will be of great help. You can also check their website here and their facebook account here.

I have some other multipurpose minerals that aren’t included in this post. I will share it next time!

Ellana is L-O-V-E!

Majolica Majorca Trick On Powder

Majolica Majorca Trick On palette GR750

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Majolica Majorca is a sister company of the Japanese brand, Shisiedo. Their products are known for its quality and cute packages. Their Glass Trick Mascara / Lash Enamel Frame Plus and compact powders are extra cute!

Trick On palette GR750

Trick On palette GR750 (back)

Majolica Majorca’s Trick On Palette is also known as Majolica Majorca Majolook (Trick On). I selected GR750 mainly because they say greens look good with brown eyes. 🙂

The palette costs 795php. Their prices are a little above average. The range is more or less like Revlon.

It comes with a really great sponge tip applicator too!

The palette has 3 colors plus a “Trick On Powder” which you apply on top of your eyeshadow to give a sparkling, 3D effect.

Instructions on how to use the Trick On palette is written on a piece of paper inserted inside the box and at the back of the box so no worries if you don’t know how to use it!

Trick On palette GR750 swatch

Majolica Majorca eyeshadows have good pigmentation and staying power, you can skip the eyeshadow primer. Without an eyeshadow primer, it lasted surprisingly long! The eyeshadows have a creamy, powdery formula and very easy to blend.

Color selection is great and can be used for day or night.

Trick On Powder

The Trick On Powder is a pretty white-gold color with gold micro shimmers which reflects when hit by light.

Swatches with Trick On Powder on top of each color.

In summary,


  • Make-up newbie friendly. It has instructions and illustrations on what, where and how to apply each eyeshadow.
  • The colors on the palette goes well with each other and they can be used day or night.
  • Pigmentation and staying power is great, you can skip your eyeshadow base application.
  • The eyeshadows have a smooth and silky texture and very easy to blend.
  • Contains 4 grams of product and a little goes a long way.
  • Comes with a really good sponge tip applicator.


  • The price is a bit steep (795php).

This palette is really gorgeous you should give it a try! I really don’t have much to say but this is worth saving up for! 🙂