Majolica Majorca Glass Trick Mascara

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Alas! Majolica Majorca Glass Trick Collection is now available!!! I was very interested in their Lash Beautifying Mascara in Blue Black (Limited Edition). So when it was out in the market, I rushed and bought it at once. Great thing was, they were giving 10% off on all items for that day! So instead of buying it for 795php, I got it for 715.50php!

Lash Beautifying Mascara

Lash Beautifying Mascara

Still with the same MM emblem which is so cute!

What Majolica Majorca says about their Lash Beautifying Mascara in Blue Black (Limited Edition):

Dramatic! A Blue-Black Liquid Lengthening Mascara.

Contains super lengthening liquid base and jet black fibers that provide surprise length. A blue and sparkly pearlescent color subtly appears every time you flutter your eyes.

Can also be used as an eye liner to accentuate mysterious eyes.

Sweat, sebum, tear and water proof.

Still with the saw-toothed and comb-duo type applicator. Can you see the lengthening fibers? ๐Ÿ™‚

(Please click to enlarge and see the shimmery effect.)

The Lash Beautifying Mascara is a blue-black mascara withย  midnight blue shimmers. Lash Beautifying Mascara is very wearable since the shimmer is very subtle.

(L) Lash Beautifying Mascara (R) Lash Expander Frame Plus

Majolica Majorca’s Lash Beautifying Mascara and Lash Expanding Frame Plus are like identical twins with extremely opposite characteristics. It can be compared to the Lash Expander Frame Plus’ appearance, ability and performance.

They are similar in terms of:

  • Defining and lengthening effect.
  • The brush/applicator.
  • Sweat, sebum, tear and water proof.

The differences:

  • The color. One is blue-black and the other is true black.
  • One has shimmer, the other does not.

Lash Beautifying Mascara on me…

(L) with mascara (R) without mascara

(L) with mascara (R) without mascara

(L) with mascara (R) without mascara

(L) with mascara (R) without mascara

I love my Lash Beautifying Mascara a little more than my Lash Expander Frame Plus (sorry!) because of the subtle shimmer effect it delivers. I’m just having problems removing the mascara on my lashes. Yeah, I have to buy an eye makeup remover. So if you like a little sparkle on your lashes every time you blink and doesn’t care much if your mascara is not the blackest black, you’ll love the Lash Beautifying Mascara!

Let me just make a shout out that Majolica Majorca at SM North EDSA has kind and very accommodating sales associates! The one who texted the promo (Ms. Ciena) also replied to my questions and answered my concerns. The SA (Ms. Kitz) at MM’s counter while I was there gave me a free makeover and was very patient with me. She also gave me a Glass Trick catalog. Here are photos of it:

What do you have from Majolica Majorca’s Glass Trick Collection?


Have You Tried L.A. Passion?

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Last week, I went to SM North EDSA to run some errands. I was already there so why not visit the beauty section? A saleslady told me that only for that day, all regular priced items are 10% off. You just have to present your SM Advantage Card. Lucky me!

I ended up buying L.A. Passion Lipstick in Sheer Rose (219php). This is my first time to ever try this brand. It’s mineral! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you ask me, I would prefer the cap without the flowers. They make it look cheap. The color that I got was not really sheer, as the name implies, it’s just lighter than the common rose shade.

Color pay off is good, don’t be misled by its name. Color stays up to 2-3 hours without eating or drinking. It’s creamy and glides well on my lips. It doesn’t dry my lips! The lipstick has a very faint vanilla scent which reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme.



(The photos above did not give justice to the color. It looks more pigmented in real life.)

(L) NYX (R) L.A. Passion

Sheer Rose is similar to NYX Round Lipstick in Blush although NYX leans more to peach and L.A. Passion is more pink than peach.

Rubbed vigorously (L) NYX (R) L.A. Passion

L.A. Passion is very similar to NYX Round Lipstick. NYX is cheaper (160php) compared to L.A. Passion (219php), but the latter is made of minerals, so you choose.

Now let me show you the other goodies that I bought:

Marionnaud Brushes: (L) blush brush 169.75php and (R) concealer brush 69.75php

ponytail with bow design 89.75php