NYX Xtreme Lip Creme in Buttery Nude

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Zoya Jules Plus Nail Art

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More Ellana Items!

More Ellana Items!

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Lip Ice Sheer Color

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 Everybody should own at least one lip balm. Our lips are delicate so we should take care of it. I always apply lip balm; Before I go to bed, before applying lipstick, and whenever I feel like applying.

 Let me share with you another lip balm from my favorite lip balm brand, LipIce.

LipIce Sheer Color in Strawberry

I love my regular LipIce balm in apple but this one is different, it changes color!

What Lip Ice says:

 With LipIce Sheer Color, you can now protect your lips while making them look beautiful. LipIce Sheer Color is a lip balm that mysteriously turns from white to pink, on application. LipIce Sheer Color  comes with:

  • Natural Beeswax that nourishes and replenishes your lips
  • Natural Olive Oil that softens and keeps your lips moisturization
  • Vitamin A, C and E with deep moisture that keep the lips soft, supple and fresh

LipIce Sheer Color

LipIce Sheer Color appears longer compared to their regular lip balms, but actually this has lesser product. The strawberry variant smells like strawberry candies! For those who does not want scented lip balms, there’s an unscented variant.

In the tube the stick is white but when applied on your lips, in seconds, it changes into a pretty pink color depending on the natural color of your lips.


  • I love how smoothly it glides on my lips.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • The color that it gives off still looks natural.
  • You can choose between candy-smelling lip balms or not.
  • Good lasting power for both the moisture effect and color.


  • The tube is a bit shakey when applying lip balm.

bare lips

with LipIce Sheer Color

Yummy scent + smooth application + very moisturizing + gives a pretty pink color to lips = ADDICTING!

LipIce Sheer Color costs 145php (2 grams). I bought mine at Watson’s.

If you can’t think of what gift to give to your niece, aunt, or girl friend, check out LipIce!

Great Mascara Deal!!!

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Beautiful day everybody! Lemming for a good but expensive mascara? Well, I have good news for you! 😀

You read that right! BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!! Get 2 for the price of 1! How awesome is that!

Lash Expander Frame Plus in Blue Black is a limited edition mascara from the Glass Trick Collection of Majolica Majorca. This was my favorite mascara until Lash King, also from Majolica Majorca, arrived.

bare lashes

Longer and more defined lashes with hints of blue shimmers.

(L) without mascara (R) with mascara

For more details about the product, CLICK HERE.

Buy 1 take 1, so that’s 397.50php per mascara! You can tell a friend and share the 795php. Great deal, right?

Or… You can buy lots and when the time comes that they’re hard to find, you can sell them! Hahaha! Just an idea!

Promo starts tomorrow, March 15, 2012. Promo runs until supplies last.

Hair Care From Organic Rituals

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Hello! Do you remember the organic shampoo and conditioner that I mentioned in this post? I’ve been using these for a couple of weeks now.

Organic Rituals: (L) Conditioner and (R) Shampoo

My attendant made me try this because she said the duo was really wonderful, and she was right! When I tried them back then, it was like I was starring in a shampoo and conditioner commercial! Lol!

While rinsing off the shampoo on my hair, I was so amazed I mumbled “Oh, my gosh!” inside the shower. Next, I tried the conditioner and I was even more amazed I quietly shouted “Sh*t!”. I was really surprised at how good they were and mind you, I very seldom make those expressions. 🙂

I asked the receptionist if I can buy their shampoo and conditioner. She looked for a clean and empty container and filled it with the shampoo. Maybe they ran out of shampoos for sale? The conditioner that she gave me was the one displayed on the rack.

Organic Rituals' Shampoo. It was sliding on my wrist.

Organic Rituals' Conditioner

Here are my observations:


  • Organic!
  • Way, way, way cheaper than other brands! Shampoo: 200php and Conditioner: 250php. Others cost more than 1,000php!

On the first wash,

  • The conditioner was so easy to rinse off from my hands.
  • My hair was tangle free and very smooth, even after using only the shampoo. Using the conditioner afterwards multiplied the effects.
  • My hair was so easy to comb.
  • My hair became softer, bouncier, shinier, and less dull.
  • Does not make my hair oily.
  • Does not weigh down my hair.
  • Drying time is shorter compared to when I use regular shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dandruff softened and were removed from the scalp. (So it strayed on my hair. 🙂 )

After several washes,

  • No more visible dandruff!
  • Less hair fall.
  • Hair looks healthier.


  • I have to use more shampoo products to make it bubbly.
  • It would be better if they put some description about the product or list of ingredients used.
  • The shampoo scent reminded me of the Bazooka Bubble Gums I had when I was young and the conditioner was like virgin coconut oil + olives. I like the scent, I just hoped that the smell would be stronger a bit. If ever that’s possible, because these were supposed to be organic products.
  • Only available at Organic Rituals.

1st time to try organic shampoo and conditioner and I’m loving it! 🙂

If you have the chance, try them!

Please take note that most of my observations were compared to regular shampoos and conditioners. My observations, comments, and suggestions were based on hair products in general and not specifically to organic hair products only.

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