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Makan Makan Food Village

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Let’s talk about food! 🙂

Last week for our Valentine’s date, we dined at Makan Makan Asian Food Village. Formerly known as Makan Sutra.

(click photo for more details)

“The restaurant embodies the main cultures of Singapore through its diverse cuisines—Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay, Filipino and even Western. “Makan” is a Bahasa Indonesian term for eating.”


The place is big, with many tables, chairs and couches but just enough that it does not look very crowded when full. The see-through kitchen is in the middle of the room so you can see what’s cooking. There’s also a guitarist/singer who serenaded us while we dined.

We sat at the side by the glass wall, near the singer, and with a nice view of the sunset at Manila Bay. So romantic! 🙂


I would like to commend how great their service was! The waiters were very friendly and accommodating. They are keen to their customers’ needs and they always serve with a smile.


To briefly summarize, the food was great! 🙂 We waited for about 15-25 minutes until all our orders were served.

Here were our orders!

Sautéed Dry Beef Hofan

Sautéed Dry Beef Hofan (150php) – Juicy thinly sliced beef with sticky rice noodles. It has the perfect blend of flavors with just the right amount of sweetness.

Chicken Pandan

Chicken Pandan (250php) – Yummy chicken wrapped in fragrant Pandan leaves.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak (160php) – Coconut rice with a medley of fried chicken, atchara dilis and potato pattie. The rice and potato pattie tasted great!

Beef (L) and Chicken (R) Satay

Beef Satay 5 pcs. (180php) and Chicken Satay 5 pcs. (150php) – A little smaller than I expected but it was good! The chicken goes best with the special peanut sauce!

For drinks, we ordered:

Lemon Barley

Lemon Barley (50php) – Lemon juice with bits of sweet barley. I don’t know what barley really tastes like but here it was a little sweet. It’s soft with a hard center so you have to bite it a little.

Bandung Chinchow

Bandung Chinchow  (95php) – Rose essence juice with black gulaman. A must try!

And finally for dessert…

Ice Kachang with Mango Pudding

Ice Kachang with Mango Pudding (90php) – Or in layman’s term – Singapore halo-halo! This halo-halo has different colored gelatin with Monggo beans and coconut in a perfect mix of ice, sugar and milk, topped with a big jelly mango pudding!

Food: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Service: 5/5

We had a great time we stayed there for 2 hours. 😀

Makan Makan Asian Food Village is located inside Manila Ocean Park.

Blender Bottle

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Finally, my own Blender Bottle!

Fresh mango - orange juice anyone?

Imagine cleaning a blender, spoon, and cup just to drink a smoothie. With this Blender Bottle, you do everything in it. It’s very useful and lesser items to clean up afterwards (lazy me!). I love the idea of a blender, mixer, and tumbler in one!

Blender Bottle with Blender Ball

The Bottle Blender comes in 2 sizes. The bigger one is up to 28 ounces and is available in red, blue, and black. The smaller bottle, 20 ounces, is available in red, green, and black.

The bottle has a ml and ounce indicator and with grip lines on both sides.

How to use?

  1. Put the ingredients and Blender Ball inside.
  2. Don’t forget to cover the lid. Then,
  3. Shake, shake, shake!

Here are a list of uses taken from their site:

  1. Protein Shakes
  2. Nutrition Drinks
  3. Salad Dressings
  4. Pancake Batter
  5. Yogurt Smoothies
  6. Lump-Free Gravy
  7. Fiber Drinks
  8. French Toast Batter
  9. Scrambled Eggs
  10. Sauces and Marinades
  11. Pudding
  12. Omelets & Egg Dishes
  13. Water Bottle
  14. Dry Ingredients (cinnamon or colored sugar, etc.)
  15. Food Storage (nuts, syrup, etc.)

Here’s another fruit shake that I made. No finished product, sorry. I immediately drank ’em up because I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures. 🙂

Mango - Banana shake


  1. mangoes
  2. bananas
  3. milk
  4. honey

I bought mine at Dimensione for 799php, the 20 oz.costs 699php. This bottle is very USEFUL, doesn’t spill, and easy to clean. Just take note that this bottle cannot be used for hot liquids and it’s not a blender so do not expect it to mash nuts or hard food.

You can also check out their website http://www.blenderbottle.com/ for more information. They have other products and some recipes for you to try!

Beach? Boracay!!!

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Hi everybody! Back to reality. Back to work/school. 😦

Rewind a couple of weeks back… So, how was your vacation? I bet you enjoyed every single minute of it!

I spent Christmas together with my mom and dad at Boracay, Aklan. Every Christmas our whole family goes on vacation but last year, it was impossible for the whole fam to join.

First, the flight. Our airline was Cebu Pacific, Manila – Caticlan; departure: 2:40pm. To make the long story short, our flight was 3 hours delayed and instead of landing at Caticlan Airport, we landed here:

Kalibo Airport

So we still have to take a 2-hour bus ride to reach Caticlan, board a boat going to Boracay then ride a tricycle going to the beach. We were delayed for a total of 6 hours!

We shopped on the first day. There are lots of familiar, as well as native shops, at Boracay. They have “D’ Mall” where the branded and familiar shops are, and “D’ Talipapa” where the stores of most local entrepreneurs are. There are also many sidewalk vendors and local people who walk around selling souvenirs and accessories. We did some a lot of “shop till you drop” – ing.

We did some island hopping but the weather was bad so instead of checking out 3 islands, we only “hopped” into one.

Crystal Cove Island

Open sea!

This guy is selling coconuts using his makeshift boat!

I was really excited to try parasailing. You’ll ride a parachute and a speedboat will pull it. Too bad the wind was so strong, parasailing was not allowed that time. The waves away from the beach were big and the wind was strong but besides that, the weather was good.

Looks so much fun!

Another activity that we tried was helmet diving. You’ll walk underwater, about 12 feet deep, wearing a 25kg helmet (it’ll get lighter when you’re in the water) which is open by the way, but not to worry because the water will only be up to your shoulders. I tried walking. Maybe that’s how it feels like when walking on the moon! Haha!


We already visited Boracay a couple of years ago. Zorb is a must try! You’ll be harnessed inside a big ball and you’ll go rollin’ down the hill! 🙂

That's the ball and they're gonna push it down there! (Can't gain this much weight anymore :c)

You can also drive an ATV and tour the island.

Life starts at night. Parties, food, alcohol, fireworks, fire dancers and more!

Mongolian Eat All You Can!

Fire Dancing

Did some “At Boracay Only” makeovers…

Henna Tattoo

hair braid

hair braid!

Do I still have to mention how gorgeous the beach is?

Sorry, can't help but pose! 🙂

 Boracay is one of the best beaches in Asia!

I love the place so much, I’m coming back with my friends this year!!! 🙂

Rose and Grace Restaurant

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Happy first day of November! So how was your holidays? This is the time of the year that our town is at its liveliest and becomes alive! Yes, during All Saints’ Day! The cemetery in our town lights up, loud sounds played, and there are LOTS and LOTS of food! Many people visit the cemetery to try all the food and get together with friends. Of course, many people still come to visit their resting loved ones, but for everyone who lives in our town, it’s the time to stay up late outside and get together with friends.

Speaking about food, last Friday, on our way to camp ( I spent my weekend camping! :)), we had lunch at Rose and Grace Restaurant. Its location is very strategic because it’s just beside the national highway, specifically, the part that is always traffic. Also, their parking area is big.

There are many, many viands to choose from! Seafoods, fish, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, etc. And the lady who takes orders is very accommodating and gladly answers all your questions about their food.

Lots of food! I wasn't even positioned at the very end of the long display of viands.

Their service is super fast! We just got seated and the food was immediately served one by one! Size per order can generously feed 2-3 persons. My mom ordered Sinaing na Tilapia sa Gata. The fish was big and fresh and my mom loved it!

Sinaing na Tilapia sa Gata

I ordered Fried Tawilis because I really got curious of how it looked :). It was crunchy and the vinegar that goes with it was just perfect!

Fried Tawilis

Of course, we didn’t forget to order their house special, Bulalo. Their serving can feed 5-8 persons. It has a generous amount of vegetables, which I really like, and the soup was unlimited. A very good Bulalo, but there are even better Bulalo out there, that’s if you’re willing to pay more.

House Special: Bulalo

As for my drink, I ordered Ripe Mango Shake. I really like their shake! Fresh and pure. Just mangoes, ice, and a little sugar. No milk. I don’t like shakes that have more milk than fruit in it, it doesn’t taste natural anymore.

Ripe Mango Shake. See how full my glass is! 🙂

My dad ordered fresh coconut juice (No picture. :() The flesh was very young and soft!

All of these plus 3 rice for just 840php. Remember that their serving was good enough for sharing. And for their service, I give them an A+!

Food: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Rose and Grace Restaurant is located at Maharlika Highway, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Happy meal!

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A happy meal — literally. 🙂

Had Cielo Kebab for dinner at Mister Kebab, U.P. Ayala Techno Hub.

The happy and sad side of Mr. Kebab!

Milk Tea Anyone?

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I’m never really a tea drinker. For me, some even tastes like grass, literally! Eeew!!! But when a friend of mine brought Wintermelon Milk Tea from Moon Leaf Tea, I knew it was good and people will like it! (Really not a fan of tea drinks but I know many tea lovers will love it!)

So one day, my boyfriend and I went to Moon Leaf Tea at Maginhawa Street, U.P. Village. Tried their Yakult Lychee and it was yummy!!! Lychee + Yakult is a perfect combination! Plus, Moon Leaf Tea makes the best pearls!!!

(L) Wintermelon Milk Tea and (R) Lychee Yakult

Because of Moon Leaf Tea, I started to try out other brands of milk tea. Chatime, Serenitea, and  Tattle Time failed me. Zentea was so-so. Ok, so I haven’t tried everything.

When I discovered Gong Cha I immediately fell in love with their best seller / house special Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea! It tastes sooo good!!! I got so addicted to it!!! It doesn’t tastes much like tea though, maybe because of the special cream that they add.

Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea

Moon Leaf Tea drinks come in one size only. Their drinks range from 45php-85php and add-ons (pearls, nata, pudding) are 10php. Gong Cha is a little more expensive.

Their prices range from 45php-120php and add-ons are 15php – 40php (they have more add-ons to choose from). You have an option to buy either medium or large.

Final Thoughts:

To those who are really into tea, I highly suggest you try Moon Leaf Tea’s Wintermelon Milk Tea. Lover of fruit drinks and want to try something new? Try Moon Leaf Tea’s Lychee Yakult! And for those who just love to have a great drink and doesn’t care much about the tea, Gong Cha Milk Wintermelon Tea will not disappoint you!

Don’t forget to add pearls!

Oh, and if you’re asking what’s this wintermelon I’m mentioning over and over again, it’s called kundol in Tagalog.

So, what’s your favorite milk tea drink?