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Hello dearies! How were your Valentine’s Day? Single or not, hope it turned out well!

For today, I would like to share with you my nails of the day (NOTD) for Valentine’s and my thoughts and first impressions about this newly opened nail salon I went to.

The color I chose was not at all Valentine’s-ey, I wanted to try something different. Also, the salon only have 5 Orly nail polishes at the moment and the rest were just regular nail polishes.

Orly Green With Envy

Green With Envy is a fun, teal color, great for summer. It’s greener in actual. Think Incredible Hulk green, just a tad darker.

About the nail salon:

If you were wondering, I soaked all major CUTS that my manicurist gave me, thus the cotton around my fingers. When she did my first hand, I told her (calmly and in a very good way) that my fingers were stinging and maybe they were cuts due to her cleaning. She answered, “No Ma’am, I don’t see any blood.”. While she was cleaning the ring finger of my other hand, my finger already bled and she didn’t even notice even though she was cleaning that finger. So I told her, “Look, it’s bleeding“, she answered, “Oh, you’re right.”. And that’s all she said. No apologies or anything. She did not even believed me when I told her the first time. I knew the cuts were many because almost all my fingers stung when she rubbed my hand with alcohol. Actually, the woman beside me who was having a pedicure, yelled “ouch!” discreetly several times.

If you look close at my pinky, you’ll notice that bits of the polish were outside my nail and it’s lighter compared to my other nails. The manicurist forgot which nail were already two coats and which were one, I even have to remind her that this and this is still one coat.  She also accidentally hit/touched my wet nails so she redid it twice (she hit it twice).

Chipped nail polish on my index finger

I had my manicure the night before I took this photo, about 12 hours after. After the manicure, I went home, had dinner, slept, woke up and took this photo. I believe that Orly nail polishes do not chip this fast, that means there’s something wrong about the application or the cleaning.

The people who work at the salon were nice and friendly but there’s an attitude I think they need to improve. I was just done with my manicure, waiting for my nails to completely dry when some customers arrived but then walked away. There were still two available seats. After that, two attendants approached me and asked me (in a hurried and tensed manner) if I was still waiting for other services to be done. I answered, “None, I’m just waiting for my nails to dry.”. Then the other one asked me if I wanted to use their nail polish drying machine for an extra fee. I really felt that they wanted me to go away now because some customers might arrive, so I just requested that they apply a quick dry solution on my nails then I would be on my way.

They could have suggested the drying machine or quick dry solution immediately after she painted my nails. Suggesting it now (nobody mentioned the quick dry solution to me, by the way) only seemed that they really wanted me to go away immediately. With that experience, I did not complain or showed how disappointed I was.

I decided not to name the nail salon right now. This nail salon just opened their business a week ago, so maybe they still need time to adjust and get used on how things should be done. I’ll be giving them a second chance then will I reveal the name.

Right now, I’m still observing and taking care of the cuts the manicurist gave me. Hope it won’t get infected.

Do you have bad salon days too?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Banannie
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 18:33:04

    kakaopen lang nila, they should have been more careful.. pano na ang first impressions. i never really experienced anything like that with my manicure.. but chipping and smudging.. lagi! ang sad kaya mas gusto ko ako nalang mag mani pedi sa sarili ko.. haha! :p loooove the color!


    • preciousang valeria
      Feb 16, 2012 @ 17:07:02

      Maybe because the manicurists are still new. Just being open minded.
      How I wish I know how to mani pedi by myself! I only know how to use a nail cutter and nail file, wala pang art! hehehe!
      First time to ever try green! 🙂


  2. princesagr
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 21:53:54

    I wonder, if they are not professional, why do they open such business.
    Its clear that she is not good at it ?
    I am NOT professional, but I don’t pay my cuticles! And even if I did, I use a corrector so I can make it look great.
    So sorry for you 😦

    Personally, I don’t have such bad days.
    Not long ago, I booked a nail-manicure-kind of shellac offer through an offer-site (like groupon), so I went there.
    Ok, they did what they did really fact, the shaping, the buffer think, and everything, but even with that, the result was very good.
    So, paying ”less” attention was my worst experience


    • preciousang valeria
      Feb 17, 2012 @ 10:14:53

      If only I could do it myself, this won’t happen…
      I was talking with the manicurist and she said they were hired and trained for a month or two before the salon opened. 😦
      Good for you, and you also had a groupon!
      I was just hoping for something better with this salon because it already have several branches in the city.
      Lesson learned: If one store is good, it doesn’t mean all branches of it are. 😦


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