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Another 2012 planner! Remember when I shared with you the 2012 planner that I got? (click here) Well, last Friday there was an article on the Lifestyle Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle Section

From the article:

Design Your Life Planner

Best for: the highlighter freak

Can’t get enough of Stabilo brights? Light up your 2012 with this zany fluorescent planner! The sisters behind C & S Designs have been producing their own planners since 2008. This year’s offering boasts of a unique design for each month and comes with stickers, a compartment for notes and a space for 3R pictures.

Price: P530, free shipping nationwide

How and where to buy: Fill out the order form at Visit Design Your Life Planner on Facebook.

*Also available at National Bookstores.

*Facebook account:

That same day, I went to a National Bookstore branch to get myself one and I was not disappointed!

Front Cover

It's about the size of a typical college binder.

A welcome note.

He is talking directly to me!

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.” – Jian Rohn

Cards, ruler, back to back compartments, and stickers!

The stickers are so cute I wish they would add more!

A page for the owner’s personal data and 2011-2013 calendars.

Important Events

Browse the whole year in glimpse.

Monthly Summary

January - April

May - August

September - December

First Two Pages of Each Month

Each month has a space for photos and talks about something to make your day even better.

January - April

January is about your New Year’s resolutions and smiling for 366 days. February shares tips for happiness and productivity. March is all about family bonding and April has a travel planner to help you organize your — well, travel plans.

May - August

May has another travel planner. Well it’s summer and everybody goes on vacation! June is about reviewing the first half of your year and making goals for the remaining months. For rainy July, DYLP makers encourage you to explore your creativity. On August, it’s all about the benefits of getting up early in the morning.

September - December

September provides a page to sketch your UFO design! For October, your gift of prophecy shall be tested for you will be given an opportunity to predict the future. Paste 1×1 pictures of the people you prophesied on the spaces provided. November makes you replay the year and doodle your 2012 highlights. And finally for December, a page is provided where you can make your most creative letter to Santa.

Daily Pages

January - April

May - August

September - December

Other Functions

2013 summary planner, budget tracker, pages for notes & doodles and "contacts section".

If you have seen my earlier 2012 planner post, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a sucker for colorful designs. I just can’t resist the attractiveness! πŸ™‚

This 2012 planner is very functional, attractive and unleashes your creativity! I love that they made different designs for each month, week, etc. Each design is well thought of, colorful, cute and very functional. It’s so me! πŸ˜€

I’m just not that convinced about the price. Other planners within the same price range already have discount coupons (Like Stradmore’s which is 499.75php.). I wish they would lower the price a little or add discount coupons too.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10!


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. preciousang valeria
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 20:51:41

    So the owners were able to read this entry and they replied:

    Design Your Life Planner
    Thank you so much for the kind words, Valerie! πŸ™‚ With regards to the price, well..we worked really hard on the designs (and sometimes even sleeping late because of it, we’re just 2 students :o) and the fluorescent ink is much more expensive than the normal ones. DYLP is one unique planner that you will be using for a whole year (or even more!). It’s a planner/scrapbook/photo diary in one πŸ™‚ We’re not sure about including coupons in our planner, but we’re thinking about it. We wanted it to be a unique planner, since every other planner was doing it already. Haha nonetheless, we hope you think it’s worth it and that it will inspire you to Design Your Life! πŸ™‚ We really appreciate your blog entry and suggestions β™₯ Cheers to 2012!

    So we all now understand why the price tag, ey? Get yours now and design your life YOUR WAY… πŸ™‚


  2. princesagr
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 03:01:34

    How much exactly is the P530? (In dollars for example?)
    Great looking planner


  3. princesagr
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 06:59:45

    Oh, the one in the photo, the dark brown in the middle is gorgeous! I m gonna browse their pages and I am sure I am gonna buy some … damn… I am ruined..:) Thanks for this !!!! πŸ™‚


  4. preciousang valeria
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 13:08:24

    Oh, the Starbucks Planner! That’s the most sought out planner here!


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