Etude House: My Sweet Love Secret Contest

Just entered Etude House: My Sweet Love Secret Contest!

Here is my entry:

One thing that I love about my boyfriend is his honesty. Unlike some boyfriends, he’ll tell me his most honest opinions in detail. He’ll let me know how ugly my zit on my face is or if my hair is looking good today. He often tells me how oily my T-zone is so I decided to buy an oil control powder. The one I bought was available in a single shade and costs almost 1000php.  One day, when we went out, I only applied that and tinted lip balm. While we were together, he told me, “Ang ganda mo naman today! Kaso yung make-up mo mukhang cheap.” It controls the oil but doesn’t blend on my skin! And it wasn’t cheap!
I discovered Etude House’s Dr. Oil Solution and I put it to the test like what I did before. Wearing only that and lip balm on a date, my boyfriend told me that I looked really pretty — no buts!!! The whole date became sweeter since he told me that! He loved how pretty I was that night and I was glad that he loved my no oil, no cheap looking make up! Very affordable too! Thanks Etude House!

Modelling the product I mentioned. My boyfriend took this photo! 😀

If you like it, please click here and like my entry. I really would appreciate it! Thank you!

This contest looks like fun no? You can also join! Just check the contest mechanics at their Facebook page. Contest is until November 30, 2011.

I’ll be making a review about Etude House’s Dr. Oil Solution soon! 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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