Lesson Learned From Shopping

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When shopping, do you check the items you’ve selected before paying for it and/or before going home? I do, more often than not. And how lucky I was when I forgot to check the products I bought, I brought this home…

Etude House WH 702 TESTER!

Yup, I paid for that and brought that home! It was the sales associate (SA) who took the item from the rack and placed it in my basket. It may be the SA’s responsibility to help customers have a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience but it’s the customer’s responsibility to check all her purchases, right? So, I called up at once the branch where I bought this and gave all the information they asked for. They were really very sorry for what has happened and offered to exchange the product for a new one. I just have to go back to their shop and bring the nail polish I brought home. I wasn’t mad or anything, but of course, I got stressed.

It was an honest mistake. The SA who assisted me was really kind and accommodating. Also, I think she was a new SA in training. I hope she wasn’t scolded by her boss, or worse, fired. I still want her to assist me when I go shopping again at Etude House.

So guys, before going home from shopping, don’t forget to always check your purchases, okay? I sure did learn my lesson the hard way!


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