Etude House Tightening Essence Mask

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Hello Readers!

In my post here, I have mentioned one of Etude House’s Essence Masks. The other night, before going to sleep, I tried it.

Etude House’s Tightening Essence Mask comes in a simple pink and white packaging.



As you can see, most texts are in Korean but instructions were also written in English.

Instructions on how to use the mask

The mask is neatly folded inside. It covered my face pretty well. It smells like wet wipes.

When put on my face, there was an immediate cool/minty feel. After a few minutes, as the mask started to dry, my face began to feel a little tighter. I left it on my face for a good 30 minutes although the instruction only said 15-20 minutes. I assume that an extra 10 minutes won’t do any harm, right? I did not put any product on my face after using this.

When I woke up the next morning, there is still a mild tight feeling and my face felt fresh and smooth too! 2 days after using the mask, my face still felt smooth.

What it looks like inside

Before using the mask, my enormous pores looked like these. These pictures were taken after I washed my face and applied toner.

gigantic pores

After using the mask, these were how my pores looked like. If you look closely, there is indeed a slight difference!

gigantic pores got a bit smaller!


This mask truly helps! I believe that this mask is effective but there may not be immediate and permanent obvious results. I will use this together with other products for better and faster results.

For sure, this mask is not the last I’ve tried from Etude House! 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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