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Happy 11th of November! Hope that you guys will have a wonderful day! 11-11-11 happens only in a lifetime! Unless you’ll be living for a thousand years. 🙂

I really wanted to post something special today because this date only happens in a thousand years. Earlier today,  I was browsing my tumblr account, preciousangvaleria, and I found something really nice.

You complain because you did not receive the latest mobile phone that you asked for for your birthday. You get disappointed because your mom didn’t buy you the expensive shoes that you wanted. Remember that we are more blessed than other people. Be thankful for everything that you have received, you have countless blessings!

These children are impaired but they don’t allow it to get on their way. They do their best at what they can. They maybe deaf but they see the brighter side of life. They enjoy school and gaining new friends. They don’t stay in a corner and cry all day because they can’t hear — that they are not normal.

Do you think you’re less fortunate because you don’t have the latest gadget in town? Or do you think you have a lowly life because you don’t receive much allowance unlike your friends do?

Think again. Be inspired and see that your glass is actually half full.


What are your thoughts?

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